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  • Automotive Repair & Maintenance Services Industry Report

Automotive Repair & Maintenance Services Industry Report

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Companies in this industry provide repair and maintenance services for passenger cars and light trucks. Major US companies include Bridgestone, Jiffy Lube, Meineke (a division of Driven Brands), Midas, Monro Muffler Brake, and Safelite Group.

SIC: 7532, 7533, 7534, 7536, 7537, 7538, 7539, 7542, 7549

NAICS: 811111, 811112, 811113, 811118, 811121, 811122, 811191, 811192, 811198


Sample Questions & Answers

If a small shop, how does the company compete with larger shops in the area?

The greater operational and pricing efficiencies of large shops allow them to take business from smaller shops, despite some having less convenient locations. Franchise chains, dealerships, and large shops also have advantages in buying, managing...


What steps does the company take to ensure customers are well-informed about necessary repairs?

Because of the complexity of cars, consumers can't easily judge if a repair shop has treated them fairly. Polls consistently show that a high percentage of consumers believe that repair shops make unnecessary repairs, overcharge, or use inferior...


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General Report Description

Save valuable research time, increase confidence on sales calls, and get the competitive edge to win more business with Hoover's Industry Report. Proprietary editorial analysis synthesizes hundreds of sources into an easy-to-digest format so that you can quickly understand a client's business challenges. Insight into critical business issues, industry trends and opportunities, and financial benchmarks is an integral part of each report.


Sections Included in Report

  • Industry Overview
  • Quarterly Industry Update
  • Business Challenges
  • Trends and Opportunities
  • Call Preparation Questions
  • Financial Information
  • Industry Forecast
  • Website and Media Links
  • Glossary of Acronyms

    Industry Report Highlights:

    • Recent Developments

      Stay up to date on crucial industry news that may affect your strategy.
    • Trends & Opportunities

      Identify avenues for expansion and get prospects thinking about growth opportunities that justify investing in your product.
    • Call Preparation Questions

      Gain instant rapport with prospects during your sales calls using done-for-you call preparation questions.
    • Industry Forecast

      Identify growth and integrate projections in your own business planning.
    • Business Challenges

      Engage your prospects with solution selling that makes their life easier by first understanding their pain points.
    • Executive Insight

      Identify the correct decision maker and tailor your presentation to his or her needs, and maximize the effectiveness of your pitch.
    • Financial Information

      Increase your credibility and support your presentations by adding verifiable industry metrics.
    • Web Links & Acronyms

      Speak the Prospect's language by demonstrating an understanding of industry trade associations and jargon.

    Automotive Repair & Maintenance Services Industry Report

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