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6356 Keeler St Dayton, 
OH 45424-1714 United States
Phone: (937) 298-4803

Eggert Home Improvement Company Profile Report

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Hoover's industry experts provide proprietary editorial analysis supplemented with content from multiple data sources to bring you the Company Profile Report. The depth of each report varies, so be sure to view the sample and review the report contents listed next.


Sections Included in Report

  • Company Overview
  • People
  • Biographies

    Company Profile Report Highlights

    • Company Description

      Quickly grasp how a company operates and understand its current business environment.
    • Industry Information

      Identify the often times disparate industries a company does business in, and find the corresponding SIC and NAICS codes.
    • Biographies

      Learn the background and technology interests of the company's executives, to better understand possible growth directions.
    • Company History

      When you want to know where a company is going, you'll be helped by first knowing where it's been. Use this to get up tp speed on a company's history.
    • Key People

      Uncover the roles and responsiblities of the management team and identify the correct decision maker, so you are sure to talk to the right contact.
    • Company Financials

      Review key financial information to gauge health and growth potential.

    Company Profile Report

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    • Concrete & Masonry Contractors Industry Report

    Concrete & Masonry Contractors Industry Report

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    Companies in this industry pour and finish concrete foundations; erect and assemble precast concrete; and set stones, lay bricks and perform other masonry work. Major US companies include Baker Concrete Construction, Ceco Concrete Construction, Stewart Builders, and United Forming; leading international companies include Byrne Bros (UK), and units of larger global construction groups such as Laing O'Rourke (UK).

    SIC: 1741, 1771, 1791

    NAICS: 238110, 238120, 238140


    Sample Questions & Answers

    How does the company manage demand for services when the construction industry is highly cyclical?

    Demand for concrete and masonry contracting services depends on construction activity, which can vary significantly from region to region and from year to year. Many contractors rely on both residential and nonresidential projects; others specialize.


    How is the company challenged by expanding its geographic coverage?

    With few exceptions, concrete and masonry contractors lack a national presence. Most businesses are local and market themselves to local general contractors. While referrals and word-of-mouth are beneficial in local markets, dependence upon personal...


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    General Report Description

    Save valuable research time, increase confidence on sales calls, and get the competitive edge to win more business with Hoover's Industry Report. Proprietary editorial analysis synthesizes hundreds of sources into an easy-to-digest format so that you can quickly understand a client's business challenges. Insight into critical business issues, industry trends and opportunities, and financial benchmarks is an integral part of each report.


    Sections Included in Report

    • Industry Overview
    • Quarterly Industry Update
    • Business Challenges
    • Trends and Opportunities
    • Call Preparation Questions
    • Financial Information
    • Industry Forecast
    • Website and Media Links
    • Glossary of Acronyms

      Industry Report Highlights:

      • Recent Developments

        Stay up to date on crucial industry news that may affect your strategy.
      • Trends & Opportunies

        Identify avenues for expansion and get prospects thinking about growth opportunities that justify investing in your product.
      • Call Preparation Questions

        Gain instant rappart with prospects during youir sales calls using done-for-you call prearation questions.
      • Industry Forecast

        Identify growth and integrate projections in your own business planing.
      • Business Challenges

        Engage your prospects with solution selling that makes their life easier by first understanding their pain points.
      • Executive Insight

        Identify the correct decision maker and tailor your presentation to his or her needs, and maximize the effectiveness of your pitch.
      • Financial Information

        Increase your credibility and support your presentations by adding verifiable industry metrics.
      • Web Links & Acronyms

        Speak the Prospect's language by demonstrating an understanding of industry trade associations and jargon.

      Concrete & Masonry Contractors Industry Report

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