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California Western School of Law Overview


225 Cedar St San Diego, 
CA 92101 United States
Phone: +1-619-239-0391

Company Description

California Western School of Law has an enrollment of about 900 students. The school offers a traditional legal education; in addition, students may specialize in a specific area of law, such as intellectual property and telecommunications, international law, criminal justice, or health care and the law. Founded in 1924, California Western School of Law is the oldest law school in San Diego.

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    • Company Description

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    • Biographies

      Learn the background and technology interests of the company's executives, to better understand possible growth directions.
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      When you want to know where a company is going, you'll be helped by first knowing where it's been. Use this to get up to speed on a company's history.
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    Institutions in this industry offer academic and professional courses and confer baccalaureate or graduate degrees. Major US-based institutions include public university systems in states such as California, New York, and Texas, and private universities such as New York University, Duke, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins; leading institutions outside the US include University of Cambridge and University of Oxford, both in the UK, as well as the University of Tokyo and the University of Toronto.

    SIC: 8221, 8222

    NAICS: 611210, 611310


    Sample Questions & Answers

    How dependent is the institution on tuition as a source of general revenue?

    Tuition rates at both public and private institutions have been increasing faster than education and general spending per student. This suggests that both public and private institutions are becoming more dependent on tuition as a source of general...


    How do endowment losses impact the institution's fiscal health?

    Many university endowments plummeted in value as a result of the late 2000s recession, and most have only recently made progress in returning to pre-recession growth levels, according to the National Association of College & University Business...


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      • Executive Insight

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      • Web Links & Acronyms

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