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Zoological Society of San Diego
San DiegoCA United States


Company Description

Talk about animal magnetism! The Zoological Society of San Diego is a not-for-profit organization that operates the 100-acre San Diego Zoo, which cares for more than 4,000 individual animals as well as a collection of some 3,500 species of plants. The Zoological Society also manages the 1,800-acre San Diego Zoo Safari Park and the center for Conservation and Research. The zoo entertains all with its daily shows, in-park restaurants, guided tours, and special events. The society also supports conservation education and efforts, such as planned travel adventure-tours to exotic destinations in Mexico and Africa. It was founded by Dr. Harry Wegeforth in 1916 and is managed by a 12-member board.

2920 Zoo DrPhone: +1-619-231-1515
San DiegoCA 92101Fax: +1-619-231-0249Map Map This Company
United States

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Company TypePrivate - Not-for-ProfitHeadquarters
Fiscal Year-EndDecember
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