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Spf Energy, Inc.
MinotND United States


Company Description

Super-jobber SPF Energy is also a super-pumper of petroleum. The company's Superpumper subsidiary runs a chain of about 15 convenience stores and gas stations in Minnesota, Montana, and North Dakota under the Cenex, ConocoExxonSinclair,Tesoro and Shell banners. Its Farstad Oil subsidiary offers bulk transportation of petroleum products, including the annual distribution of about 250 million gallons of gas, 20 million gallons of propane, and 2.5 million gallons of lubricants. The Farstad fleet serves businesses and government agencies from Montana to eastern Minnesota and from northern Wyoming to the Canadian border. SPF Energy is owned by North American fuel wholesaler Parkland Fuel Corporation.

100 27th St NePhone: +1-701-852-1194http://www.spfenergy.com
MinotND 58703Fax: +1-701-852-0072Map Map This Company
United States

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Fiscal Year-EndDecember
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