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Saint PetersburgFL United States


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No need to worry about normal business hours when shopping with this retailer. HSN (known to night owls and from-the-couch shoppers as Home Shopping Network) operates a home shopping television network, which reaches some 95 million US homes, and a fast-growing online business HSN.com. In general, HSN sells apparel and accessories, jewelry, electronics, housewares, and health, beauty, and fitness products. Its Cornerstone Brands business is a catalog and Internet retailer whose titles include Garnet Hill, Ballard Designs, and TravelSmith, among others. The segment also operates about 12 retail shops. Founded in 1977, HSN appended an "i" (for interactive) to its name following its spin off from IAC/InteractiveCorp.

1 Hsn DrPhone: +1-727-872-1000http://www.hsn.com
Saint PetersburgFL 33729Fax: +1-727-872-7292Map Map This Company
United States

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HSN, INC. Rankings

S&P 400 (June 30, 2014)#670 in FORTUNE 1000 (June 2014)Russell 2000 (June 2014)


370 executives listed for HSN, INC.'s Saint Petersburg, FL location.
ChairmanArthur MartinezE-mail
CEOMindy GrossmanE-mail

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Company TypePublic - NASDAQ: HSNI Headquarters
Fiscal Year-EndDecember
2013 Employees6,800
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