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Galena BioPharma, Inc.
PortlandOR United States


Company Description

While there's no vaccine for breast cancer, Galena Biopharma has big plans for NeuVax, its drug candidate. NeuVax, which is in Phase III clinical trials, is being tested for its efficacy in reducing the recurrence of breast cancer in patients who can't take Genentech's Herceptin. Galena Biopharma acquired the rights to NeuVax when it bought the drug's developer, Arizona-based Apthera, Inc., for about $7 million in April 2011. Galena itself was spun off from RXi Pharmaceuticals in a one-for-one stock split in March 2012. Galena, having more potential for success with NeuVax, became the public company while RXi Pharmaceuticals became a private company focused on developing RNA interference (RNAi) therapies.

4640 Sw Macadam Ave Ste 270Phone: +1-503-400-6610http://www.galenabiopharma.com
PortlandOR 97239Fax: -Map Map This Company
United States

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Galena BioPharma, Inc. Rankings

Russell 2000 (June 2013)


10 executives listed for Galena BioPharma, Inc.'s Portland, OR location.
ChairmanSanford HillsbergE-mail
President, CEO, and DirectorMark AhnE-mail
EVP and COOMark SchwartzE-mail

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Company TypePublic - NASDAQ: GALE Headquarters
Fiscal Year-EndDecember
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