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Atc Group Services Inc.
LafayetteLA United States


Company Description

ATC Group Services likes to take take on the tough jobs -- the bigger the better. The company helps clients design and execute large-scale projects that can have a variety of construction, environmental, health, safety, and technical applications. The firm, which does business as ATC Associates, often can coordinate services to save money. (ATC stands for Assess, Test, and Consult). Companies in sectors such as petroleum, manufacturing, construction, retail, and government have used ATC to plan the removal of mold and asbestos, treatment of sewage, and testing of construction and construction materials. The company was acquired by Australian professional services group Cardno in 2012 for $106 million.

221 Rue De Jean Ste 200Phone: +1-337-234-8777http://www.atcassociates.com
LafayetteLA 70508Fax: +1-781-933-5295Map Map This Company
United States

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Company TypePrivateHeadquarters
Fiscal Year-EndFebruary
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